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Prague Living Lab

Prague, Czech Republic

Key Partners

Lead: CTU

District of Prague 6 

Main Solutions

DT Deployment 
Augmented Data Facility Management 



Modernisation of Building B for the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the CTU in Prague.

The scope of the Prague LL is the design phase leading to a deep renovation of an existing university “Building B” which is a part of complex - several buildings of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The construction phase itself is not part of the PROBONO project.

Our vision for the Prague LL is to become a beacon of Green Building Innovation (GBN). We aim to lead by example, showcasing both current and future advancements in passive building solutions and smart energy management. A particular emphasis is on leveraging cutting-edge technologies like the digital twin to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

Policymakers play a crucial role in this endeavour, influencing various aspects of public life within the district. Our goal extends beyond immediate project outcomes; we seek to harness this experience to inform and improve urban policy planning. This initiative is poised to support and promote innovative practices well into the future, setting new standards for urban development and construction.

Aerial View_PragueCampus.png

The aerial view of the campus with highlighted building B

Picture 1.png

The aerial view of the campus with highlighted building B


Innovations and Technological Advances

The PROBONO actions are focused on the planning stage of the deep refurbishment of the Building B: 


  • Design of building integrated photovoltaic façade (BIPV) by FRHF and Design of Insulation and green and cool roof-centric innovations by SOP. The latter is expected to combine green and photovoltaic elements, i.e. bio-solar roof.

  • Ventilation and air quality tool prepared by ITA, AU, IRTSX predicting cooling and heating demand and thermal behaviour in relation to reaching high quality internal climate.

  • Overall energy planning for the green building neighbourhoods by FRHF together with Positive Energy Package by ANE and Energy Storage by VISB reaching energy positive building.

  • Energy management, i.e. monitoring and exploitation of energy systems will be planned through digital twin deployment by AKKA and data collection and flow by AKKA.

  • Facility management, i.e. integration between the Digital Twin and the Augmented Reality tool providing continuous, efficient, and accurate Scene Tracking & Navigation through Human Machine Interface by CTU. Augmented data will be visualised properly on the physical world.


Development of Human Machine Interface to the Digital Twin

One of the main innovations of the Prague Living Lab is the development of Human Machine Interface to the Digital Twin, which will enable users to look inside walls of the retrofitted building and allow them to examine hidden aspects of the building like electricity cables or tube placement within these walls. Resulting model will be especially useful in future maintenance and planning.

Social and Behavioural Innovation

CERNA Survey

The Climate Change Awareness Assessment survey was prepared by Smart Innovation Norway colleagues over the fall of 2023 within the T2.5 (Implementation of the social & behavioural innovation strategies). It is ready to be cascaded online in the beginning of 2024. In case of the Prague Living Lab, the target groups are the students and staff of Prague University. The survey was translated to Czech language to ensure the proper understanding of the questions by every participant. The results from this assessment are expected to be processed by spring 2024 and will be used to inform communication activities and behavioural change interventions. The results will be reported either in D2.6 or D2.7 depending on the data delivery.

User testing of the Digital Twin

One of the main focuses of the Prague Living Lab is Digital Twin development. Being the follower of Aarhus Living Lab, specific retrofit interventions will be determined according to the progress and development realised in Aarhus regarding the DT technology. The plan is to verify the proposed technology and planning tools through the DT and apply them later in the refurbishment of the selected building.


This activity of verification of the proposed technology involves potential users of the Digital Twin, such as relevant faculty members, or representatives of the urban planning department of Prague 6. These groups may find it very useful as a tool for their work projects, presentation of outcomes or just testing their ideas. 


Contact Information

Living Lab Leader:

prof. Ing. Alena Kohoutková, CSc


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